Our Commitment to You

For the Japanese Recruitment Market nowadays, an ideal candidate profile can easily be divided into skills, knowledge and other aptitudes. Much more difficult, however, is finding a candidate who succeeds in continuing to produce consistent results well after hiring has taken place. Key to assuring this successful outcome is the alignment of a candidate’s personality and motivation with the company’s ethos and working culture. And crucial to achieving this match between candidate and company is our specialised screening program, which emphasises the following vital elements:

CBI (Competency Based Interview)

An interviewing process that allows us to determine how well a candidate’s key performance indicators and aptitude will benefit your company.

Full Transparency:

by obtaining a fully transparent exposition of a candidate’s circumstances, the efficiency of the hiring process is greatly enhanced.

Not Merely an Agency, But Your Partner:

Acting as your partner is central to how we generate fresh ideas, and establish a collaborative working synergy.

Our Commitment to Client Confidentiality and Corporate Ethics:

Success Factory’s strong commitment to Client Confidentiality and Corporate Ethics is one of the reasons why our clients place their trust in us, and why they repeatedly choose us to work with.

Our Employer Services


We share market trends such as salary, hiring need and sourcing strategy in Japan.


We partner with you to formulate the best recruitment strategy to achieve your hiring goals.


We thoroughly screen each candidate and only introduce the right ones to you.


To finalize your decision making, we obtain evaluations from candidates’ past employers.

Employer’s Voice

Some placement can only happen with Successfactory Inc.

Zscaler K.K
Representative Director
Japan/ Senior Vice President Asia

Hiroyuki Kaneda

Success Factory, a company that specializes in high-level consulting, has been essential in building our team. Since I started leading Zscaler Japan and Asia in December 2020, we have doubled business size, transformed our network security business, improved our business processes and team collaboration. In such a situation, we are looking for human resources in a more advanced way, and they have been cordial throughout the process and introduce us the right people to meet our needs. We are a company with a well-developed recruitment methodology, and they were able to quickly understand our particular style, and we were able to hire a few general manager. This is the agent I trust the most.

The Talent is carefully assessed by not only based on knowledge, skills and abilities but also culture fit for us.

New Relic Inc.
Senior Director, Alliances & Channels

Yoshitaka Miyamoto

We are a rapidly growing company, and recruiting the right talent is the most important priority to us. SuccessFactory not only checks the candidate’s skills, but also whether he/she fits our company’s culture and envisions how he/she will actually work after joining our company, so the talent they introduce to us is working as an ace. It is very reassuring to know that not only do we receive detailed follow-up for the candidates before they join the company, but that they continue to follow up with us even after they join the company. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future to introduce the talent that we need.