Our Commitment to You

According to a recruitment market survey, approximately one in four candidates feel disappointed immediately before or after changing jobs. The principal reason for this shortfall in expectation is a lack of information gathered about the target company. At Success Factory we aim to provide candidates with a fully transparent picture so you won’t be disappointed.

Maximum Transparency.

Based on our lengthy industry experience, we know that simply providing you with the job specification is not enough. In addition, we will give you information about your future boss, the firm’s working culture, its objectives, and the reason they’re hiring. We’ll also tell you, where possible, why the previous employee whose job you’re replacing is leaving and any other background information on the vacancy.

Coaching and Advice.

We offer the full spectrum of preparatory services for candidates: from advice on writing the optimum CV to interview-coaching specially adapted to the desired role.

A partner you can rely on.

For a career-consultant the most important thing is mutual trust. Likewise, as a candidate, when you share personal information with the aim of finding a new role, it is crucial for you to be able to trust us. No matter what time it takes, we are always looking to match you with new job opportunities. We strive to support each of you in making your dream career a reality.

Our Employer Services


Face-to-face discussion to build mutual understanding of your needs and solutions together.


Both English and Japanese templates are available as well as resume building guidances.


Our interview preparation and feedback sessions are informative, insightful and specific.


We provide on-going consultation to ensure a successful new career launch.